Sonia Blayde is world-class photographer known for her attention to detail and creative eye. Born and raised in Toronto Ontario, Sonia was exposed to the world of photography from a very young age. After receiving her first point and shoot camera in the 80's, it was love at first sight and the beginning of an obsession that would last a lifetime.

Educated at Ryerson School of Image Arts., Sonia Blayde has a diverse range of expertise in studio, event photography with a focus on documentary and portrait photography. By exploring different aspect of composition, Sonia is able to capture Candid moment from an artistic point of view.

"As a photographer, i'm ready to embark on a new Journey and boldly go where no one has gone before. After all, life is full of all kinds of possibilities. Sometimes you just have to open your mind to see things from different perspectives". - Sonia Blayde